Our Mission

is to empower individuals and communities to live healthier lives through equitable habit solutions.

How it started

Olivia is a dietitian and for years she counseled patients and taught cooking classes in an effort to help people improve their dietary patterns. Olivia observed firsthand that recipes, counseling, and classes were burdensome to patients and ineffective in making lasting changes. However, what did work, was helping people make small changes to the meals they already know and love, through easy and simple lessons that can be practiced daily.

With this “aha” realization, Olivia partnered with Eva to reinvent culinary medicine. They believe that better health can be achieved by creating simple, healthy eating habits. After years of research, experimenting, and working with clients, they came up with a solution. They created Pursuit, a technology that makes healthy eating easy in the short-term while training your brain to make healthy foods your default option.

Our team

The Rewire Health team is female-founded with over 20 years of collective industry experience.

Rewire Health Co-Founder Eva Weinstein
Eva Weinstein
Co-Founder & CEO

Eva has a background in early-stage, life science companies focused on product planning, commercialization, and hiring/growth strategy. She has specific experience in clinical operations, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and managing cross-functional teams.

Rewire Health Co-Founder, Olivia Weinstein
Olivia Weinstein
Co-Founder & CIO

Olivia is a Registered Dietitian (RDN) with a master’s degree in nutrition science as well as a bachelor’s in business management and healthcare economics.  She is the Director of Culinary Nutrition at one of the largest hospitals in New England and an expert in behavior change.

Rewire Health Co-Founder, Julia Larson
Julia Larson

Julia is a Program Manager in Clinical Research at a large hospital in Boston and has 5 years of experience in project and program management, content development, and consumer engagement.  She also brings expertise in people management for both early and late-stage companies.

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