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Top Food-Is-Medicine & Culinary Medicine Events in 2024

We've compiled a comprehensive list of food-as-medicine, culinary medicine, and food & nutrition conferences and events to attend in 2024. This curated selection highlights must-attend events and is continuously updated throughout the year as new events are announced. We hope to see you there!

Culinary Medicine: More Than Just a Cooking Class

Discover how the decline in home cooking has impacted global health and explore the rise of culinary medicine. Learn the distinctions between culinary medicine, home economics, and culinary nutrition, and the future of this innovative approach in healthcare.

Cooking Up Behavior Change: OMA's Pre-conference Culinary Medicine Workshop

More than 150 healthcare professionals convened in Denver, Colorado, gathering in a conference room pop-up teaching kitchen to learn about culinary medicine. This workshop marked the second culinary medicine event offered at the annual Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) conference.

Navigating the Terms of Food Interventions: What You Need to Know

Unpack the complex terminology of the Food is Medicine movement with our guide. Understand key phrases like "medically tailored meals" and "culinary medicine," and learn how they improve health outcomes. This post clarifies essential terms for engaging with food strategies.

Culinary Medicine Approaches for Supporting Appetite Throughout Cancer Treatment

Eating enough and the right types of food during cancer treatment is crucial to protecting the body, promoting healing, and keeping strong. In this blog, we cover a few culinary medicine tips that can help support appetite through cancer treatments.

A Fresh Perspective on Diabetes Management Through Culinary Medicine

In this blog, we explore strategies to help patients set realistic goals and focus on beneficial foods. We'll show how enhancing smoothies, incorporating vegetables creatively, and using culinary medicine can ease the process and encourage positive dietary changes.

Starting a Culinary Medicine Program

Are you interested in incorporating innovative programming to help your patients sustain positive lifestyle changes? Culinary medicine is an interdisciplinary approach to nutrition that combines health science and culinary arts to translate recommendations into practical skills and promote the self-

GLP-1: Food for Thought

Published in Health Affairs, experts in Food-Is-Medicine and Culinary Medicine dove into how anti-obesity medications, like GLP-1 agonists, are making waves in healthcare, and how we can utilized food-based interventions to promote safe, holistic, and equitable care.

Family Meal Frameworks to Feed Adults, Children, and Babies

Rewire Health partners with GROW Clinic to provide accessible culinary medicine resources for pregnant individuals, supporting diverse families from pregnancy to feeding babies. Adaptable recipes cater to medical, nutritional, and cultural needs while enhancing nutrition education.

Reinvent Heart Healthy Diet through Culinary Medicine

Discover how culinary medicine transforms heart-healthy diets from bland to bold. Learn to enhance flavors with techniques like end-stage salting, blooming aromatics, and adding herbs and citrus, guiding patients towards nutritious, exciting and delicious meals.

Bridging the Gap in Nutrition Education for Future Healthcare Providers

This blog discusses "Eat to Treat," a program blending culinary skills with medical knowledge to combat chronic diseases through nutrition education, enhancing future healthcare providers' ability to integrate dietary counseling into clinical practice.

Corbin Hill Food Project Partners with Rewire Health

Rewire Health proudly announces its collaboration with the Corbin Hill Food Project to advance community-led food programs and promote sovereignty. Corbin Hill Food Projects employees and community leaders are excited to start implementing Rewire Health across food distribution sites.

Food-Is-Medicine Landscape & Health-Related Social Needs (HRSN)

Explore the transformative power of Food Is Medicine (FIM) interventions in healthcare. From addressing social determinants of health to promoting health equity, learn how FIM is reshaping healthcare delivery and improving outcomes. Discover key initiatives, Medicaid coverage, emerging opportunities

Culinary Medicine: Webinar Recap & Building a Path to Sustainable Lifestyle

Discover the power of culinary medicine: bridging health science and culinary arts to empower sustainable lifestyle changes through hands-on learning. Ideal for patients of all ages and backgrounds, these programs promote wellness and manage chronic diseases effectively.

Culinary Medicine in Clinical Care

Culinary medicine has been found to enhance behavior change and improve health outcomes. This resource offers an explanation of the importance of culinary medicine, practical suggestions for using Rewire Health to facilitate integration, and opportunities for improved care and reimbursement.

Reflecting on Food-as-Medicine Policy Summit

Attended Food as Medicine Policy Summit in DC, where themes like access expansion, reimbursement, research, and cultural considerations were discussed. Rewire Health, a partner, emphasized RDNs' role in the food-as-medicine landscape, the MNT Act and the need for nutrition education.

Obesity Medicine Is Breaking New Ground!

The Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) is the leading organization. At its annual conference, OMA partnered with a team of experts to plan and facilitate a culinary medicine pre-conference workshop. They created a pop-up kitchen in a large conference room with support from the hotel’s staff.

Reflections from HLTH 2023: Pitch Competition & Food-Is-Medicine

Rewire Health joined 10,000 other attendees at HLTH 2023. From being selected as finalists in the WELL by HLTH pitch competition to engaging discussions at the 'Food as Medicine' pavilion, dive into our key takeaways from this pivotal event in healthcare innovation.

Dietitians Are Cooking Up Culinary Medicine

The FNCE 2023 was a success, where culinary medicine leaders Christina Badaracco, Julia MacLaren, Milette Siler, and Olivia Thomas shared insights and learnings about their field and learned that 83% of attendees seek more training in culinary medicine.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Nutrition: Here’s what you need to know about AI as a nutrition professional

People are using ChatGPT, a generative Artificial intelligence (AI) model, to perform all kinds of nutrition-related tasks: writing grocery lists based on dietary preference, assessing their diets, or answering their nutrition questions like “can keto diet help with weight loss”. But did you know th

Fueling Resilience with Culinary Medicine

Participants in the SurviveWELL program are offered voluntary and complimentary access to Rewire Health's white-labeled "PursuitApp" to provide additional nutrition support. RewireHealth works with a host of programs, like SurviveWELL, to help provide the necessary tools to fight chronic illnesses,

Pursuit App x YMCA Case Study

The purpose of this case study was to pilot the Rewire Health’s mobile app, Pursuit, in a community setting. Our goal was to test the feasibility and acceptability of the app in a free-living population while identifying areas to improve the platform.

Enhancing Your Business's Wellness Initiatives with Culinary Medicine

Culinary medicine, the art of using food as medicine, holds the key to nourishing the body, preventing, or managing chronic diseases, and promoting overall wellness. In this article, we'll explore its benefits and how it can empower your business to better serve your members.

Unleashing the Power of Habits: Building Healthy Routines for Lasting Change

In our fast-paced lives, have you ever stopped to think about how much of our daily activities are done without conscious thought? In this article, we explore the science behind habits, and how they can be harnessed to create lasting behavioral change in the health and wellness industry.

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