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Our platform and culinary medicine experts empower your members to practice culinary education at home, while increasing engagement, tracking insights, and saving on overhead costs for your business.

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Our platform creates curated content with ease

Members gain invaluable skills and habits to lead healthier lives through our technology


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Our science-based methodology focuses on three core functions to accelerate behavior change

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Consumers will cook recipes that are accessible and applicable to their background. Our platform adapts to the consumer based on culinary level, equipment, time, and preferred ingredients and flavors.

Personalized content is delivered through skill-based learning, allowing consumers to practice small behaviors. Consumers will see lasting change when healthy cooking becomes a habit.

We provide valuable data at your fingertips, unlocking behavior trends to motivate consumers. Our insights allow you to know what your consumers need most.

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customizable recipes

Members can cook recipes that are accessible and applicable to their background. Our platform adapts to the user based on preferences and culinary level.

language translations

Our platform can support your primary language of choice for your members. Currently, supported languages include English (US) and Spanish, with more languages coming soon.

white label branding

Customize our platform with your branding for seamless integration and brand recognition among your members.

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Step-by-step video content

Our platform includes extensive, easy-to-follow video instruction to compliment recipes steps, so members move from confusion to confidence in their cooking abilities.

Food safety & nutrition information

Recipes includes vital information related to nutritional value and the handling, preparation and storage of food.

in-app recipe features

Members can take advantage of handy features such as grocery list generation and meal planning to support their cooking habits.

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behavioral trends data

Our platform collects and reports data trends on usage, recipes, ingredient selection and skill mastery that positively motivate members to turn skills into lasting habits.

member management

Make informed decisions about what your members need and where to focus your efforts for their success based off our platform’s behavioral trends data.

Providing hands-on nutritional eduction for organizations of all sizes

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