Cooking up behavior change with experiential learning

Our team of subject matter experts offers programming to enhance your capacity to provide culinary medicine counseling and education through engaging and transformative experiences delivered both in person and online.

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Culinary medicine has been found to enhance behavior change, improve health outcomes, and be even more effective than nutrition education alone.

Who We Are

Industry experts creating lasting change

Our team of experts includes a multidisciplinary collaboration of dietitians, medical doctors, social workers, chefs, and researchers. Collectively, this team has decades of experience innovating, leading, and evaluating culinary medicine activities.

What is culinary medicine?

Culinary medicine is a field of medicine that involves hands-on learning and the integration of food planning, preparation, and cooking with nutrition knowledge to achieve desired health outcomes. These fundamentals are at the forefront of our events and workshops.

How does it help your patients?

The effectiveness of culinary medicine has been demonstrated among people with chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease as well as for children, students, and employees. Our team helps build this body of evidence through practice and research and helps spread the word by facilitating workshops, lectures, and more.

Our Services

Hands-on learning for a healthier future

We offer a variety of ways to help you and your team translate nutrition education and counseling into feasible and repeatable food skills and lifestyle behaviors.


Didactic learning combines hands-on culinary experiences to improve personal wellness, enhance community, and build skills. Workshops can be designed for small or large groups of members, employees, students, and healthcare and community professionals.    

Speaking engagements

Present the background, evidence, and best practices for culinary medicine to various audiences and practice settings, including conferences, professional meetings, community meetings, schools, workplaces, and beyond.

Program planning & implementation

Start your culinary medicine program to enhance your practice or improve the wellness of your employees, members, students, or patients. We can help you build a program from initial idea to last class.

Academic, commentary, and media writing

Spreading the word and advocating for positive change in healthcare practice through professional communications is our bread and butter. Partner with us to write motivating and informative blog posts, evidence-based manuscripts, and commentaries targeted to different audiences–spanning from healthcare providers to administrators to patients. Content can also be used to build and expand social media presence to convey mission and reach broader audiences

Support qualitative research

Design and administer surveys, interviews, and passive data collection techniques to help capture experiences or understand priorities among target audiences to better inform care or communicate benefits for stakeholders and advocacy wor. Audiences could be drawn from our extensive network of thought leaders and practitioners or garnered through other channels.

Media and Digital Training

Learn how to build engaging digital content from food photography, recipe writing, live and prerecorded virtual cooking classes, and more!

"I thought the Culinary Medicine workshop was great—loved the small groups with a facilitator at each station, having a combination of following recipes and being creative with tasting everyone’s dish at the end."

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Our Audience

Everyone is welcome in the kitchen

There are no limits to who can benefit from adopting culinary medicine. Our experiential services and programs are available for all demographics and organization types, including but not limited to:



Healthcare professionals (e.g., physicians, health educators dietitians, etc.)

Community Members

Children and families

Aging Adults

"I loved this group of facilitators of the Culinary Medicine program—energetic, knowledgeable, fun, and encouraging, not intimidating."

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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

May 5, 2024

How to Implement Culinary Medicine in Your Clinical Practice Tomorrow

Join our 2-hour workshop led by expert culinary medicine practitioners for both didactic and practical learning experiences. You'll get resources and actionable steps to apply culinary medicine in your practice immediately. Registration includes a personalized 20-minute consultation and a complimentary no-kitchen cookbook to assist in your curriculum development and client support.
January 31 2024

Virtual Cooking Class: Lemon Skillet

In this live, virtual cooking demonstration, Paige, expert culinary dietitian, walks us through cooking Lemon Skillet. Missed our live class? Check out the recording on youtube.
March 28 2024

Virtual Cooking Class: Jambalaya

In this live, virtual cooking demonstration, Melanya, expert culinary dietitian, walks us through cooking Jambalaya. Missed our live class? Check out the recording on youtube.
February 27 2024

Virtual Cooking Class: Jollof Rice

In this live, virtual cooking demonstration, Adante, expert culinary dietitian, walks us through cooking Jollof Rice. Missed our live class? Check out the recording on youtube.
November 28, 2023

How to Build or Scale a Culinary Medicine Program

Are you interested in incorporating innovative programming to help your patients sustain positive lifestyle changes? Culinary medicine is an interdisciplinary approach to nutrition that combines health science and culinary arts to translate recommendations into practical skills and promote the self-efficacy required for sustained behavior change. Starting and scaling a culinary medicine program can support the health of children; adults; employees; students; and various other community members. These programs can also help prevent and/or manage their chronic diseases. Join the webinar to learn six steps that can start as soon as tomorrow.
May 3, 2023

Nutrition Education in The Digital Age Webinar

This webinar will explore the latest advancements in using Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency in the development of nutrition-related content. Attendees can expect to discuss the benefits of using these technologies, including automating of certain tasks, expediting the process of content creation, and providing more personalized support.
May 6, 2022 - May 5, 2024

Cultural Adaptations of the Mediterranean Diet Online Course

This course series sets out to highlight the importance of an individualized approach to nutrition intervention by offering a brief background in macronutrient biochemistry along with realistic alterations to eating patterns within the context of a patient’s cultural, social, and socio-economic background.
November 13, 2022

ACLM Nutritious Cooking Workshop

Improve your overall practice and personal well-being by developing practical food skills to implement and facilitate mindful culinary medicine. Practice hands-on cooking and learn skills that will help you adapt recipes based on medical, cultural, and socioeconomic considerations.
June 12-14 2023
State College, PA

2023 PA NEN Annual Conference

Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network (PA NEN)’s 2023 Annual Conference: Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in Pennsylvania SNAP-Ed. Educators, providers, and public health professionals from across the state will gather to share stories, findings, and insights into SNAP-Ed implementation and evaluation.
October 25-29 2023
San Antonio, TX

Overcoming Obesity 2023 Conference

A one-of-a-kind conference with fellow obesity medicine experts, healthcare professionals and others dedicated to addressing the disease of obesity.

The key to a healthy life is education

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